How To Register For Gog Payslip?

When you register for an e-payslip, do you need to be aware of certain exercises which used to be in practice before? So what’s that? Well, it was about ‘selling registration codes’. Now, that brings me to ask you

How would you react to knowing that the loopholes or drawbacks associated with E-payslip registration codes have finally given way to a more transparent working methodology?

Well, you obviously feel happy and good about it, since it signals an easier approach for people to derive benefits accordingly.  As the government has termed the process to be over as there were reports of codes being sold. Now, any employee at the time of registration needs to contact their Heads of Management Unit who are responsible for giving them the E-Pay slip registration code through the ESPV system. Since having the registration code is basically important before you undergo the process of registration.

Considering the transparency which the changes have brought with it, only put an end to the practice of selling codes.

Hence, you have to be a validator on ESPV for generating an E-pay slip registration code

There is a clear-cut advisory that no one can now possibly sell the codes. Since the generated codes are directly tracked to the validator. In short, the one who generates the code is known by the system.

How To Register For The Government of Ghana Epayslip?


  • Firstly go to the official website namely
  • As you can see the homepage, now look below in the right position, you will see “Register for Epayslip”, click on it
  • This will create a registration portal where you are subjected to provide the following information such as  Employee Number, Registration Code, Email, Mobile Number along with the code which you see in the adjoining image
  • Create a unique password
  • Click on ‘Register’
  • This is how based on the requirements and information you have entered, you will be able to successfully register for your Epayslip

Now that you have completed registration, you may be wondering about the advantages of using gog payslip. Since it is rightly changing lives of workers for better

No inconvenience of losing or misplacing

Has it ever happened that in spite of being extremely cautious with safeguarding the documents, you happened to lose an important hardcopy?  If yes, is your answer, then you aren’t alone. Since people have lost it or misplaced documents at one or other times in their lives. However, now with the advancement of technology, Epayslip offers an online mechanism and can be printed anytime when the need arises.

No threat of impersonation

The past instances have proven about impersonation by people, the moment they have access to the payslips of others. However, with the online mechanism thanks to unique login credentials,  only the owner will have full control, unless they share with others. So, in short, it can be termed as a secret document.

Can be greatly accessed

Thanks to the increasing use of technology in terms of smartphones, it has become even easier for government workers to access these Epayslips just from anywhere, they feel or need by using their smartphones.

How to use epayslip?

Well, having an epayslip shouldn’t really matter, since it can be used like the way you have been using the hardcopy up till now.

After login, you can take a print of your payslip. Now, with the facility of e-payslip, it will remain with you round the clock. In short, it is accessible to you provided that the device should have good internet connectivity.

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