Gog Payslip – www.gogpayslip.com Login And Download E-Payslip

Gog Payslip: Gog payslip is the term referred to an electronic payslip that one can generate online. The initiative is a part of a transparent mechanism started by the authorities of Ghana and it is dedicated to government employees. The official website to access, download e payslips is www.gogpayslip.com. Read the complete article to understand how you can do e-payslip login and download e-payslips.

The direct authority which has taken charge of the affairs dealing with such an important and necessary mechanism is the Controller and Account General Department which is popularly known as CAGD. It falls under the Government of Ghana.

CAGD started operations of the e-play system on October 13th, 2013 with an aim to better the services and to help the concerned government employees view their required information online from anywhere.

How To Register For Gog Payslip Using www.gogpayslip.com?

Registering for gog payslip is easy. Let’s now take a look at the following detailed and step-by-step instructions to complete the process with easiness:-

  • You would have already got the special registration code/pin from the concerned Management United or Head of the Department. In case you haven’t, then get the required information beforehand
  • Now, visit the official website namely www.gogpayslip.com
  • As the page is open, look down on the right side of the page, you will see a blue rectangular-shaped icon highlighting ‘Register for E-Payslip‘.gogpayslip
  • Click on the same and it will direct you to a page where you have to enter detailed information such as Employee Number, Password, Registration Code, Mobile number along with the security code. www.gogpayslip.com
  • As you follow the instructions, thereafter click on ‘Register’. This is how Registration is complete.

Steps To Login Into Gog Payslip Portal  – (epayslip mypayslip login)

gogpayslip sign in

Congratulations, now that you have successfully registered. Go back to homepage www.gogpayslip.com of the site where you can now sign in. Since you have already registered, so while signing up, you only need the following three things

  • Employee number
  • Password
  • Security code to enter as per the visible image

Thereafter, once you Sign In, you will be getting on the page of an ePayslip account which is denoted with several icons with their set of specific functions. They basically guide you through your process of getting Gog payslip information along with other associated functions.

 How To Access E Payslip Online – Step By Step Guide To Access And Download Gog Payslip

  • In order to access e-payslips online, you need a satisfactory internet connection.
  • Well, epayslip mypayslip are available as soon as the associated formalities with regards to the work of salary reports are finalized and then loaded. This is the moment when you are notified formally through SMS on the mobile number or through email which you have given at the time of registration about the availability of your E-payslip.
  • This is a procedural norm through which you can access Epayslips.
  • After accessing your payslip, if you want to save for the future, then it can be done easily on your computer or pen drive. You only need a PDF reader for viewing the same.

Let’s now take a look at the features associated with E-payslip

  • The controlling authority has created the same layout E-payslip as that of the current paper slip. This mechanism is usually adopted for a more easy and effective approach
  • Print Copy: If you need a hardcopy of E-Payslips, then you can print like the way you do any other document with the help of a pdf viewer.  You can go with the print icon in pdf viewer. Locate the print icon above your payslip. So, go ahead with the same.

How To Print and Download Gog Payslip using www.gogpayslip.com?

  • After you are signed in, click on My Payslip, now based on the specific time of the month you want to download or Print the Payslip, simply select that time period (month)
  • Now, click on Generate followed by the ‘Save’ or ‘Print’ button (you can see at the top of page)
  • In the final step, Click Save or print about the specific month’s payslips summary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an E-Payslip?

An E-Pay slip is the payment slip which is generated online on monthly basis for the government employees to view through different internet enabled devices in the form of computers, mobile phones, laptops, iPad etc.

Does Gog E-Payslip affect my pay or pension?

Clearly No, as the purpose of E-Payslip is to provide a substitute mechanism of knowing about your pay in an online manner with the notification you receive. It is in fact devised for ease and certainly doesn’t affect the amount you receive.

How many E-Payslips can be viewed?

You can clearly and conveniently view all the previous E-Payslips including the most recent ones as well online.

How many times can I view my E-Payslips?

There is no restriction on the number of times for viewing the E-Payslips. You can view it whenever or wherever the need arises

When exactly is the time for me to view my E-Payslip?

E-Payslips are visible as soon, as the salary reports of the staff are processed and loaded. You get a text on your registered email or phone number signifying the notification that you can view the same.

Is it possible for me to view gog payslip on Mobile Phone, Mac or PC via www.gogpayslip.com?

Yes, you can easily view it on all of them, provided that it has a good Internet connection. Open website www.gogpayslip.com via any device and sign in to access the wage slips.

Does my E-Payslips have an automatic backup, in the event of any technical issues on www.gogpayslip.com?

Yes, as part of creating top-notch safety and security adherence, all the E-Payslips are backed up regularly.

Do E-Payslips come with security?

One access E-Payslips through the official website namely www.gogpayslip.com which speaks about a highly safe and secured online platform. That’s why, the system automatically logs off from the site, if it has been idle for more than 6 minutes. However, it is important to exercise total caution when giving personal information while using shared computers or those devices which are frequently visited in public areas. Therefore, there are a set of cautionary measures which you need to necessitate for enhancing the safety and security further:-

  • Make sure that you either log off, or lock the office computer at the time of signing off your office work for the day
  • Change your password on regular basis, or if you feel a security threat or danger, then use a stronger password for preventing the associated risks
  • Keep the password very confident, never share or reveal or write anywhere which can be easily accessed.
  • A detailed and highly confidential mechanism has been strategized to prioritize its security where one can only access the e-payslip with a unique individual employee ID along with the password.

How would I deal with the situation when I find that the details on my E-Payslips are wrong?

Well, doesn’t worry if you find any discrepancies on your E-Payslip, then you can send a query email through the feedback system on www.gogpayslip.com

I hope we have covered enough information on gog payslip. If you still have any queries then kindly contact us. Will try to resolve all the queries regarding e payslip or gog payslips.