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A quick Google search for the “best credit card offers” yields 146,000,000 results. You get spam credit card offers in the mail constantly, and nearly every major bank offers some sort of too good to be true deal. With the massive number of offers flooding the market, where should you look for the greatest credit card deals that meet your unique needs?

The first step toward finding the best credit card offer involves learning where you stand. You need to know how lenders perceive your credit worthiness to determine what types of offers are available to you. A free credit score report can be generated once a year at or by using services like Credit Karma.

Next, consider the reasons you are looking for a credit card. Determining your long-term or short-term goals can help you balance your needs with the rewards being offered by various companies. If you think you will carry a balance on the card, then a low-interest rate card is ideal. On the other hand, if you plan on paying your balance each moth, then a rewards-based or no-fee card is a better option. Be sure to include any special needs you may have. For example, if you travel frequently, then you will want to look for a credit card that is widely accepted.

Once you know where you stand and why you want a credit card, you can use this information to find the best credit card offers. You can quickly eliminate all offers that do not match up to your needs and focus on comparing the remaining options. The best places to find credit card offers are online comparison sites, card issuer’s websites and your personal mailbox.

Online credit card comparison sites are the most efficient way to compare hundreds of cards side-by-side. Each website has unique criteria they use to sift through the deals., for example, has a comparison tool that allows you to input your monthly expenses and compares the amount of cash back you would receive with various credit card offers. compares over 1,700 credit cards based on various criteria such as rewards, travel, cash back, fees, monthly spending and credit score. Other comparison sites include, and These websites provide a valuable service, but keep in mind that in many cases sites are offered financial rewards for promoting certain cards over others.

Another place to find the best credit card offers is on the card issuer’s websites. Most card issuers advertise their best deals online, and some companies provide tips and comparing options to assist you in your search. Top companies often send their best promotions through the mail to eligible customers, so don’t automatically discount the offers that wind up in your mailbox.

Knowledge and research are the two keys to finding the perfect credit card to suit your needs. The best places to research credit card offers include online comparison sites, bank websites and your mailbox. The entire process can seem overwhelming at first with all the lucrative offers, but with these guidelines, you can find your perfect match.